Welcome to the University of Sydney’s Astroparticle physics group, led by the Head of the School of Physics Prof. Céline Bœhm. We conduct research that connects the otherwise disparate worlds of astronomy, particle physics, and cosmology. We are principally interested in studying some of the most important issues with our understanding of the Universe, such as the identity of dark matter, the conditions of the early Universe, the formation of large scale structure, the properties of high energy cosmic rays, and the nature of gravity.

We are one of the five nodes of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Dark Matter Particle Physics (CDMPP).

We also overlap in membership with the Sydney Institute for Astronomy (SIfA), the Particle Physics group, and a Sydney-UNSW joint venture: the Sydney Consortium for Particle Physics and Cosmology (CPPC).

On this website, you can find information about our members, our research, as well as opportunities to join our research group or study with us.


Group news

December 2021

November 2021

  • Group website created!
  • Zac Picker gave a seminar for our CPPC series on his PhD work, which can be viewed here
  • Ciaran O’Hare is giving seminars at Tsung-Dao Lee Institute, Melbourne University, UC San Diego, University of Goettingen, and Nanjing Normal University on his recent work on the neutrino fog.